Patrick Boxall – Managing Director

My Story:

I’ve been teaching and leading in high schools for 21 years.  I worked in socially and ethnically diverse schools in Scotland, America and England. Schools are wonderful places; kids are great. I love it.

I faced a choice: pursuing a career in school administration or take on the challenge  of education in a new way. For years I have been thinking and talking about creative learning. I knew there was a way of taking the ideals that I share with so many others and turning it into a way of doing things better.

I knew learning could be different.

So, in August 2014, I left.

I wanted to focus on brilliant learning. So I got a place at Edinburgh University for a part-time PhD focusing Creative Learning. I became a Forest School leader. I started the company that became Create and Connect Learning.

Creativity across Learning: low tech meets hi-tech, indoors or out.  There is a lot of talk about how we should all be more creative in learning, in life.

The challenge is how we can make it happen- that’s what Create and Connect Learning is all about.