Are you comfortable with a simple definition of Creativity?

How many of these ideas do you agree with?


  • Expresses human emotion
  • Shows the origin of all things
  • Reflects the ideal or perfect vision of truth
  • Expresses the divine
  • Re-creates essences or origins
  • Expresses beauty
  • Is about subverting the traditional order
  • Is about solving problems in clever ways
  • Explores the tension between subversion and convention
  • Is always about making imagination tangible
  • Shows control of great skill to express something significant to society
  • Is about innovation and newness
  • Is about making highly crafted products
  • Shows what is good for society
  • Expresses the deepest aspects of human nature
  • Is a natural process and should be in balance with the world
  • Is about innovation that has economic value
  • Is life giving
  • Is about the development of technology and science
  • Is whatever you want it to be; it’s all about the individual

Would everyone have the same view?  How far does it vary by time, place and identity?

So, Creativity or Creativities?

At the centre of all definitions of ‘creativity’ is The Maker .

Empowering learners to become Makers is the beginning of creative learning.