Instability of Creativity…

I mentioned in my last post that Rob Pope is very helpful in exploring the complexities of creativity. He reflects on the many definitions and provides a useful de-construction of them. I would recommend his book ‘Creativity: Theory, History, Practice’ (Routledge 2005) as a great overview of the development of the whole idea. He explores […]

Creativity or Creativities?

If we think about Creative Learning then we need to think about what on earth we are talking about when we say “Creativity”? It is a powerful and empowering concept; today it nearly always has positive connotations. Yet it is difficult to define and the definition varies hugely by the cultural, social and political point […]

Boclair Academy, The Zombie Virus Team building Day

Supported by ‘Education Scotland’ as a a Creative Catalyst I worked with a the team of S1 tutor to develop a team building day. The aim was to build relationship between pupils and staff to help systems for Universal Personal Support. The result was the hole of S1 going off time table and working as […]

Creative Learning in a Yurt! The Story Time Machine

This term at Seamab we are using the brilliant new Yurt as the setting for our Creative Learning. The theme is World Stories, so we made a Time Machine from recycled stuff and a load of duck tape, set the co-ordinates and went travelling looking for the people and places across time and space that […]

Project Free

At Seamab from April to May we worked outside with the characters Free and Safe to develop creative learning approaches to literacy, drama, technology and health and well being.